Fluff Post - Accountability...

You can skip reading this, seriously.  It is a total fluff post.  I am only doing it to keep myself accountable to myself.  I figure if I make myself admit that I slacked off on my walking/running publicly then I am more likely to do it even when I really don't feel like it.
Thurs - skipped
friday 3.5 miles
sat - skipped (I deep into a cheap and cheesy novel that I just couldn't put down. But I finished it.  :) )
sun - skipped (And then I made the mistake of starting another one.  Don't I ever learn?  LOL)
mon - 3.5 miles
tuesday 3.25 (did day 1 of couch to 5k - why did I start this?) 
weds 3.0 (probably should have rested but didn't)  Treated myself to a new book - Dark Visions - It's almost 750 pages. I probably shouldn't start it, but I did.
thurs 2.75 miles (ok - really should have rested - it was all I could do to walk at a brisk pace 3.5.  And I wanted to stop less than 1/2 a mile in.  But I toughed it out - just at a slower pace.)  Rewarded myself by spending the day reading.  Almost done with Dark Visions.  Proud of myself.  I even put the book down and went to bed at a reasonable hour.  I was asleep before midnight.  Shocking I know!
fri - rest day (Judging by yesterday I think I need a rest day.)  Finished Dark Visions this morning. And now onto doing some vigorous cleaning and other chores which I've ignored.  But no treadmill today - feels weird though to be skipping it.  What's up with that?

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