Poor neglected blog.

I'm actually surprised you still exist.  I don't know why I stopped updating you.  Looking back at you, I wished I would have posted more, and more truly meaningful stuff. It's funny how things that seem like they happened yesterday, actually happened years ago. And not just one or two, but like 5!! Wow has it really been that long. Hmm... Maybe I will start updating you again. Need to give it some thought.


CCR Folk Art Festival Projects

If you are here stopping by for more info on the Cricut Folk Art Festival projects I posted, I apologize. I haven't had a chance to get that info up on here.  I will work on it this weekend and should have more info up by Monday or Tuesday. Thanks for stopping by!  :)

p.s. If you have a specific question leave me a comment and I'll and answer it if I can.  Oh and if you know an easy way to upload a file LMK and I'll share the CCR file for the first card.  Sadly I didn't save the CCR file for the second card, so I can't share that.


Dec/Jan Cricut Magazine Monthly Challenge

Here is my project for the monthly challenge for the Cricut Circle Magazine. We could create any project we wanted to, but we had to use Cricut Craft Room, the free online design tool offered by Cricut.com. So for this challenge I used 2 different carts to cut designs for a history fair project display board. You will never guess what carts I found these images on... Go ahead try and guess... (I'll wait.)

Disney Classic for the artist palette
Nate's ABC's for the paint brushes and paint pot

Yep! Totally not the carts I would have expected to find cuts like these on. Just goes to show that being a Cricut cart collector pays off. You just never know what cart is going to have the perfect cut for a project you are working. :)


Shaker card for Cricut Weekly Challenge #41

This week's challenge was to create an interactive card. Cricut Cart used to make this card: Elegant Edges. Paper, cardstock & ribbon: Joann's. Spangles: Target $ spot. Stamps: Studio G. Acetate for Shaker: Plastic Cricut cart packaging. Pop dots: Scotch foam tape.

Best part of this challenge: I love how this turned out. Even if it looks nothing like what I planned. Worst part: Apparently when I am sick, I can not convert EST to MST in my head and missed the deadline to submit it. :( Oh well! You win some and you loose some.


I saw my banner!

On Jinger Adams's facebook page... They are getting ready to judge the contest. Winners will be announced on HSN on Sept 26th.