I'm Back...

Wow it's been a while since I've been on here. I guess I really needed the break.  But I am ready to make my come back.  I haven't scrapped or played in what feels like forever, but I'm starting to feel the itch in my fingers.  The need to be creative.  Paper or fabric?  Fabric or paper?  Both I think!  I have quite a nice stash of both paper and fabric projects to pick from.  But it's sort of scary, well not really scary, more a bit overwhelming.  I haven't scrapped/played just for "myself" in a while.  Where do I want to start?  Do I want to start by working on something brand new or do I want to finish up some already started projects?  Humm... it sure would feel good to finish up all the started layouts/projects I have sitting around, but then again playing with new stuff is so much fun!!!  Hummm... I think I'm going to start by going shopping.  SHOCKING!  I know.  But well the store that started my scrapping obsession moved a wee bit ago, and I haven't been there yet to check out their new digs.  And well since they are now my closest LSS I think I owe them a visit. ;)

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