Not feeling the mojo

Even simple scrap pages aren't happening here. I'm just not feeling the mojo.  It could be the holidays.  So much to do, so little time.  I want to get it all done and of course I'm anal and want to do it all myself.  Over the years I've simplified and learned to say no to doing things that I don't totally love. But still, it's hard.  And spending a day or two working on scrapbook pages by myself just isn't as much fun as taking the kids shopping or making cookies or watching them wrap gifts.  So, it's OK Mr Mojo.  You can take a well deserved vacation.  Just make sure you are home by Jan 1st. A little elf told momma that Santa's got some fun scrappy stuff in his bag for her. ;)

Or it could just be that my clans been sick and they have managed to pass that bug on to me.  Not really sure.  But I'm still alive and kicking and won't go down w/o a fight.  My kids however to find it quite funny that mom's sick to the point that she can't talk.  Yep! I'm w/o a voice - or rather it is so excruciating to talk that I've been silenced.  Even whispering hurts, forget about normal talking or god forbid yelling. 

So we have been playing charades. Mom points at the dog.  It means either let the dogs out, feed the dog or give them some water.  Mom points at your shoes - it either means put them away or put them on.  Pointing at the fridge and making pouring motions could mean pour the milk for dinner or who drank all my ice tea.  Mom banging on the counter - could mean look at me or right now! depending on whether or not you listened the first time.  I will tell you that dinner time has been ALOT quieter.  I never knew how much I talked during dinner until I couldn't do it. 

Oh well.  It is what it is.  Just wanted to let you know I didn't forget about you...

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