Getting my scrap on...

OK I've done some scrappy shopping and found some new things that I "needed".  I bought some valentiney red paper that well, just called to me.  They said buy me! buy me! and I did.  That they were on sale, so makes it all the better.  It meant I could indulge myself and buy two or more of each one.  Why?  Well because I was buying it just because I liked it.  And well w/o a plan I never know which ones I'll "need" two or more of.  And well at 50%, I feel I can indulge myself and splurge on those few extra papers, just in case I "really" need them.

Then a few days later there was a LSS garage sale.  And you just know I had to go.  I love me a good garage sale.  Actually I don't know if there is such a thing as a bad garage sale.  Granted some are better than others, but even at the not so hot ones I usually find a few things I "need".  And well this one was no exception, especially since I'm getting my scrap back on and feeling the creative juices again.  I didn't buy a lot, just a few stamps and same papers, oh and a few bits and pieces of misc stuff that I really didn't need.  Some stuff caught my eye, but I passed on it. I mean did I seriously "need" another stamp set or two?  Yes apparently I did because the next day I found myself making my way back to the garage sale.  Not the best strategy in the world for one of a kind things are garage sale prices.

Anyway I've got some new fun projects and layouts planned in my head.  Now all I have to do is to get them on paper. Can't wait to start working on them.

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