Help!! I've been captured by the facebook vortex and I don't know when I will see the light of day.  Ugh!  Why did my "friends" have to get me hooked on "Fish World" and "Zoo World".   If you are looking for me, try facebook.  Yes I'm addicted - bad!

I've already beaten Fish World.  I hit level 30 this morning.  Granted not all of my tanks are as pretty as they can be - but $ generating fish don't need pretty digs.  Now my sharks have nice digs, but then again they are sharks!!!  ;)

And every day I learn something new about Zoo World and how to better my game.  I can't decide if I should quit now or not.  I mean I've lost the last few days of my life to this silly game and if I keep playing I'm going to loose even more time. Ugh!  But on the bright side, I have lots of new friends.  :)  If you are willing to be one of my many zookeepers, friend me.  I still have lots of animals that need zookeepers.

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