Sneak Peak...

Hope you are coming to Dee's B-day crop.  If you are this is the class I am teaching.  We are making a banner that says Joy!  Today's sneak peak is the letter "J".  And that's the kitten my kids got for Xmas last year.  Her name is Bitty, because she was such a tiny little thing when we got her and because we all couldn't agree on a name.  So I ended up calling her Itty Bitty for a few weeks.  And well it stuck.  I know pretty bad for a name.  I wanted to call her Bella.  I still sometimes do.  But she doesn't answer to it.

p.s. Yes I know it's tinie tiny.  That because it's a sneak peak.

Editted to add...  the colors are a bit off now that I'm looking at it.  That J is red not black.

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