Up to my ears

Up to my ears in fabric.  My dd's and I hit the fabric stores this weekend and oh my we went a little crazy.  My sewing machine is currently buried under the stack of projects we bought.  I know I should have used some restraint, but it was just so fun seeing my girls get excited about making a project.  And well the sales were pretty good too.  Stacked on my sewing table I now have 2 pairs of pajamas, a silver glittery shimmery shirt, a silky green print dress, a fire breathing dragon, a paisley dragon, a gauzy pink shirt/dress fabric, two fleece blankets and a yard and a quarter of had to have fabric that needs an inspiration.  Oh my, I may not see the light of day until next summer.  And that's not even counting the projects I bought patterns for, but resisted buying fabric for.  I could be in trouble...  I still have Halloween costumes to finish.  Scrapping or sewing, sewing or scrapping, clearly there is not enough time in the day for all I want to do.

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Strawberry Fields said...

Oh that sounds like "sew" much fun, lol. I would love to sew but I can only seem to do it on paper. I think fabric intimidates me. I often use hotglue to hold it all together, lol