Tempted is in the house.  But I'm only a few pages in.  :(  Darn science fair projects - yuck! 

But on the bright side while I was in the bookstore I also picked 2 of the Vampire Diary books.  And apparently I did good in picking them. Dd#2 has already made off with BOTH of them!  I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.  I've also got dd#1 trying to steal Tempted. And dd#2 claiming she gets it second.  UGH!  I bought them.  Don't I get to read them? 

Fighting over books. Isn't it grand? Totally worth even single second and then some I spent taking my kids to story time, to the library, reading to them and dragging them to the bookstore.  Wouldn't change a thing.  Totally worth it!  - Even it it means I get to read my books last. ;) 

I knew I should have brought home more books and I would have except instead I settled for putting them on hold at the library. I wanted them.  I wanted them really bad, as in I even called dd and had her check the library website to see if the library offered them.  They do.  But they are all checked out.  So I settled for putting them on hold.  Thankfully the wait list is short.  And tomorrow is Weds - library day.  Yay!  Momma needs a novel or two to hold her until her dds are done with HER books.

Work completed on Halloween costume #2 - minimal.  Dd #1 was uninterested in working on it.  She gathered some sticks and that was it. 
Fabric washed - check.
Fabric ironed - check.
pattern ironed and trimmed - check
pattern cut out - nada... and so we wait...
4 Days until Halloween and counting...  should be interesting...

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rebecca said...

out of all the things they could fight about,books doesn't seem so bad :) good luck with your reading!! and your punches ;)