Sewing and reading

Reading and sewing.  I finished Tempted weds night.  Yep one day after I bought it.  I would have finished it the same day, but well my dd's science fair project got in the way.  ;)  It was good, but...  Warning Spoilers ahead....

But the ending just totally and completely $@#!.  Yes I get that it's a series, and that they want me to buy the next book (who knows when that one will come out?) but come on now!  How can you end the book with Heath dieing and Zoey being basically dead?  and in the Otherworld?  And I don't care that Kalona went over the cliff.  You know he isn't dead.  He'll be back.  And what about Nyx Reincarnated?  You know she is not going to just disappear.  Ugh!  Sorry for ranting.  I was just expecting this book to sum everything up and be the conclusion of the story.  I should have know better. The previous book didn't end much better than this one.  I'm so disappointed and frustrated.  I wanted the conclusion to the story and didn't get it. So while the book was good.  I am bummed that once again I am left hanging without an ending...

I don't know, I think I'm done with the House of Night series.  I don't like cliff hanger endings and this series has done that to me twice now.  OK more than twice, but at least those times I had the next book in the series so I could continue reading.  Maybe the best solution is to table this series until P.C. Cast finishes it. I'd hate to do that, but with so many other books to choose from I see no reason to deal with cliff hanger endings. Or authors who are all about stretching out the story to make more book $ales.  Seriously this book was teenie tiny.  The author could have easily have given us another 200 pages and finished it.  But she choose not to.  :(  Yes. Sadly, I am done with this series.  I don't do or like cliff hanger endings.  If your book is good with a strong story and interesting characters I'll buy the next one even if you end the story in a satisfying way.  Stringing me along to try to get me to buy the next book just pisses me off and costs you $.  I'm done.

In other news, dd #1's costume is coming along nicely.
pattern cut out - check.
pants sewn - check
pants hemmed - check.
waist adjusted - check
finishing touches - aka sticks attached - umm not yet.
OK so the last part is the biggie.  The part that will take the most time.  And it is not done yet.  But hey I did my part. The rest of it is up to her.  1 day until Halloween...

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