One down, one to go...

Well with less than a week until Halloween I am happy - oh so very happy! I have one Halloween costume done and one left to go.  And quite honestly I am doing the Happy dance.  Why?  Well even though I love dd #2's costume, it was far more complicated than I originally thought.  And it took a lot longer than I thought it would (but isn't that always the case). But I did it! It's finished. Every last thing...
Bodice lined -  Check
Double Ruffle layered and gathered  - check.
Zipper added - I even centered it and everything - BIG check! This was the hardest and scariest part for me.
Hemmed - check
Frilly trim added to the sleeves - check
Frilly trim added to the hem - check.
Fits dd - Check. It's actually a little big - but I did that on purpose so she could wear it longer.
But best of all...
She loves it!  I jokingly said so are you wearing it to school tomorrow and she immediately said, Can I?

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Strawberry Fields said...

wanna work on my costume next? lol