Boys and their toys...

Nothing make a 15 year boy happier than a new video game.  Nothing makes this parent happier than saving some $ on said video game, especially a newly released MUST HAVE or I'm going to die video game.  There are several such games on ds' must have list.  And being the mean cold hearted parents that Rich and I are we have refused to allow ds to get another video game until report cards come out - that's less than 2 weeks for those of you w/o kids in school.  And it's killing ds.  He assures me that his report card will pass muster.  I.e. it will be all A's & possibly a B maybe two.  He is capable of straight A's.  He knows it and I know it.  So he's in a  holding pattern.  If he gets straight A's - no problem one of the games will be his.  If he gets a B or maybe 2 he'll still see a new video game - but game time will be limited. 

Oh back to my point, Best Buy has video games on sale.  Buy 2 get a third video game free.  We went this afternoon and picked up 3 of his must have games.  They are sitting on the counter, in shrink wrap, waiting, waiting for report cards or until he has saved enough allowance to buy them from me at the sale price. Yes it's a mean thing to do.  But this momma likes saving $ and well my ds' allowance will only go so far.  So I bought them while they were on sale knowing he'll get them all eventually. ;)  If things go as planned, ds will have two new games in less than two weeks.  One for good grades and one from his allowance. And he'll even have a little $ left over to put in the bank.  I might even get to put the last one away as a Xmas present.  Although truthfully that's doubtful.  This boys breathes video games, he'll do his best to weasel it out of me.  And knowing him, he probably will.  Still, Gotta love a good sale.  Thanks Best Buy, your timing couldn't have been better! :)

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