Bead Show

If you are looking for something fun and different and creative to-do tomorrow you might be interested in the Bead Show.  Yes, I said bead show not scrapbooking show.  My oldest dd would like to be a glass blower or something like that when she grows up and we went to check out all the fabulous handmade glass beads.  A glass blower has to start somewhere.  :) Now I have never ever been to a bead show so I don't know how this one compares to other beads shows, but for our purpose, it was perfect.  Big enough to see some variety, but small enough that we saw everything in an afternoon w/o being to overwhelmed.  And we met some really nice helpful people too.

Dd went with a shopping list of sorts and for the most part she stuck to it.  Actually she would have been really good except that mom (good old mom) had to stop at this one booth and check out this one tinie tiny little bin of glass beads.  OMG!  We spent the next hour looking through the bin.  They were beautiful and each one we picked up we liked better than the last one.  I was thinking I'd let her get one or two just because they were so pretty.  We were clueless as to what she could/would make out of them.  But then mom had a brain storm of an idea. ;)  And we were soon actively looking for beads and not just standing there oohing and aahing.  Bad mommy, bad, bad mommy!

Long story short, we ended up getting 14 of said beads.  And trust me narrowing down our choices to just 14 was hard.  Thankfully dd and I were both hungry and tired or we might still be there trying to decide.  Anyway, those 14 beads will become 6 or maybe 7 pair of earrings.  So while the $2 a pop per bead seemed kind of $ to me.  $4 for a pair of earrings seems pretty reasonable to me.  Or at least that's how I'm justifying it.

The bead show is at:
Clarion Hotel

12635 South Cleveland Avenue
Fort Myers, Florida 33907

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