Added two more to my list...

I've been on a roll lately, adding two more books to my read list.  Bride by Command by Linda Jones - I needed a good lazy Saturday afternoon read. And Bliss by Lauren Myracle - Actually Bliss wasn't really on my reading list it was on my youngest dd's list and I "borrowed" it from her.  I wanted to screen it before I let her read it.  Something about having the word Bliss as the title written in blood gave me pause.  You think? It's OK though.  It's meant more as a middle school read, dealing with girls and cliques and boyfriends with a bit of weird sci-fi paranormal thrown it.  But nothing that will give dd nightmares. Not a great book, but it's an OK read and not worth fighting about.  Besides I know for a fact that six of the books she put on her reading list and requested from the library are in and waiting for me to pick up.  I'm betting one of those will bump this one right out of it's spot.  (wink)

Yes I know I've become singularly obsessed with books lately.  Sorry about that.  My hobbies tend to cycle.  And reading and sewing have been go to hobbies of mine far longer than scrapbooking.  GASP!  I know!  But it's true!

I think I am going to start to keep track of how many books I read in a year.  It will be kind of interesting to see what the final number is.  Wish I could go back to the beginning of the year ... I know sometimes I go months w/o reading any books and then all of a sudden I get on a roll.  My kids have to make so many AR points every quarter and I am always amazed to see how many books they read.  For example one of my dd's is just 3 points shy of 100 AR points - she's going to make though.  Big party, special privileges etc are good motivators etc.  And she is my non-reader. So it leaves me wondering how many books do I read?
What about you are you a reader?

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