Just finished

Adding two more books to my completed listed.  I just finish a Dark Curse and then because I needed something to read while dd was at guitar lessons  I read Wicked Intentions.  I liked a Dark Curse.  It's part of a series and I liked the mix of spells and magic, the characters, etc. I did think it's ending was a tad weak and kind of rushed.  All this build up about the villain and then nothing. What is the point of giving us all this background info on him and then he is nowhere to be found in the end? I do get it.  It's a series so the author had to save something for the next book, but still. All in all though, it was a good read and I added it's brother/sister books to my possible reading list.  Wicked Intentions however, was just OK in my opinion.  It was a quick afternoon read that served it's purpose.  Nothing special with a plot that was way to predictable.  I kept expecting more, only it never happened.  And the author's whole attempt at adding politics to the book.  Why even bother with that whole idea and then not see it through.  Again, not terrible, just not great.

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