Happy 13th Birthday Baby Girl!

Yep today my baby girl turned 13. She's officially a teenager. Although if you asked me I would have sworn she already was a teenager. She 's got it all going on, middle school, friends, cell phone, attitude ;) etc. But we love you anyway baby girl! :)

B-day presents this year were tough. You didn't know what you wanted. So we had to brain storm... Anyway, here's some of the stuff you got for your b-day... Animal Crossing (of course). You have been obsessed with your sister's game for quite a while, so we got you one of your own. You also got, a couple of board games (Out of Sight, Blockus 3-D), dangly earrings (most things sparkly and dangly are usually winners), a couple of Wenkinz - you don't really play them on-line you just like to collect the stuffed animals, and a tub of Bubber. Yes Bubber. I brought it back from CHA. It's not in craft stores yet. And you just thought that, that was the cat's pajamas - that you had it before everyone else. It's made by the makers of Moon Sand and it was the one present that I knew you would love the minute I saw it. So I had to get it. Although not giving it to you and keeping it a secret for the last 3 weeks has been killing me! But, the look on your face when you opened it was precious. You were like what is this? But then after you got it out of the container, you were thrilled!
It's still early in the day, so I'm not quite sure what you favorite present is yet. But so far, I think it's a tie between the Bubber and getting to go on a cruise with your best friend. Yes a cruise. Hummm.... I think we spoiled you rotten.

Got to run, I still have to get the ingredients to make the cake you finally decided on. You only changed you mind on the kind of cake you wanted for your b-day this year about ten times. And well since today is the day. This one is the winner, (see August 12th post at Bake at 350) by default, because it's the last one that caught your eye. If tomorrow was your b-day, I'd probably be making something else. But I have no complaints with this one. It looks fabulous and sounds fairly easy to make. Anyway Publix here I come...
Love you bunches baby girl! Happy 13th Birthday!

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