First Day of High School

When? Just when? Did I get old enough to have a High Schooler? And why, oh why does the bus have to come so early? Seriously high school starts at 7:15am! My first day of school pics of my high schooler were all taken in the dark! Seriously dark, like in even with the outside lights on you can barely see anything. I tried, but I'm thinking we might have to have a "staged" first day of school pic. I mean really, Ds left for the bus around 6:15am, and it was still pitch black out. My dd's were both still in bed. So much for the group shot before they all go off to school. But that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Guess what?! My tired mommy brain that is so not used to having to get up at 5:45am(hello -night owl here), totally FORGOT to take pictures of dd#2 in her fifth grade classroom this year! That's right I missed the last classroom shot of my last baby! Sniff, sniff! She is my last baby in Elementary School. This was my last year to get that first day of school picture in the classroom. (My dh has sided with the kids and banned me and my camera from following them into middle school.) And I totally and completely forgot all about taking classroom pictures of dd#2.

I took pictures of dd#2 out front (in my pj's - sorry neighbors!) And then drove her to school (~1 mile) in my pj's WITHOUT the CAMERA! I actually left the camera home. On purpose! Not, as in, I forgot it. No, I set in down inside, said OK, we are done, and told her to get in the car. As I pulled into the school parking lot, I realized what I had done, but by then it was too late. The camera was home and even I, wouldn't humiliate my dd by walking her into school in my pj's.

I am totally beside myself. I can't believe, I just completely up and forgot! Every single year I walk them into their classroom and make them pose for at least one shot in their classroom on the first day of school. And they grumble and complain, and I try and trick them into smiling, etc. But no. Not this year...

It's not like I wasn't up in time. I had plenty of time to shower, etc. I just forgot. My brain had a spasm and it totally slipped my mind. I cooked her breakfast (eggs and bacon), threw in a load of laundry, did the dishes etc. I "knew" something was off, but I couldn't put my finger on it. I thought it was just that I was up sooo very early. Nope. That wasn't it. I'm so so sorry princess! I know that you weren't really the least bit disappointed, but I am... :(

It gets better though. My pics of dd#1 are outside in the morning light. But... wait for it.... is she smiling with her bright new Hurley backpack. No, na, that would be your typical back to school pic. No dd#1's pic is of her trying to carefully search under the bushes for the snake I startled when I almost set her backpack down on top of it. Last year, she had found this teenie tiny little snake with a red ring around it's neck (it looked more like a worm than a snake) that was fairly friendly, and that she desperately wanted to keep for a pet. I even vaguely thought about it. Like I said it was VERY small. But we couldn't get it to eat so she let it go.

Anyway back to the story, so I startled a snake. A snake that looked just like that one. And dd#1 being dd#1, saw it. And in the one second it was visible identified it as the same kind as the one I wouldn't let her keep. And that was it. She was off in search of catching it. I think she called it her baby! She was convinced it was the same snake I made her let go. And she did her best to try and track it down. But unfortunately failed. I should clarify, she only failed because she was dressed for school and "knew" she couldn't crawl in under the brushes after it. Not w/o getting her brand new school clothes a mess and incurring my wrath, otherwise she would have found it, of that I'm sure. And I'd be trying to hand feed crickets to a snake right now. (Pic is of the snake she wanted to keep.)

So how was your first day back to school? Anything exciting happen to you on the way to school?

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