Back from the CHA Supercraft Craft Show...

So I got back late Saturday night as in 1am-ish. And well Sunday was pretty much a do nothing kind of day. I would have slept in, but alas my kitties missed me and were having no part of letting me sleep. Seriously my one little, "Bitty" alternated between giving me kisses and head butting my pillow until I got out of bed. Yep, the same little stinker who gave me the cold shoulder Saturday night, had forgiven me by Sunday morning.

Anyway, back to the show. So how was the Super show? It was good. Ok, ok it was great. But I think my the awesome girls I went with had a lot to do with that. :) Thanks Erica and Amber for a great weekend. We laughed and talked and shopped until our sides hurt, our shoulders drooped and legs gave out. Erica had on her high tech exercise arm band that does everything except walk for you and it hit 8000 steps in no time.

The shopping and there was shopping was mostly local stores selling either current product or manufactures selling leftover stuff from previous seasons. The Heidi Swapp booth had some amazing bargains and I admit I did spend some $ there. $1 packages of bling and her older stamps. Kind of hard to pass up. I also spend some $ in the Clear Scraps booth. I bought me some cute word albums. Other than that I was pretty good.

The make and takes were amazing. And the lines for the coolest make and takes were long. Lots of the make and takes were involved and were taking people anywhere from 20-30 mins to complete. Add a make and take line 5-10 people deep and it you were waiting over two hours in line. I wasn't up for waiting that long. So yes I passed on some very cool make and takes.

I did wait over an hour to make a sparkly jewelry charm using a product similar to what is used for acrylic nails. It was a clear liquid that you set with a UV light. Lots of jewelry options with this stuff, and tons of scrapbooking options. But the UV light was $35. I'm thinking I can do pretty much the same thing with glossy accents and while the results might not be exactly the same, it will do for me.

I also waited around 1 hour to make a stenciled t-shirt. This booth was really hot. And the only reason my wait was ONLY 1 hour was because as soon as the show floor opened on Saturday I raced to the booth. Several other people had the same idea though as I still had 3 people ahead of me. We used an adhesive backed stencil and special paints to basically screen paint a t-shirt. This one was very fun and the results were amazing. The product is due in stores around November one that I will be keeping an eye out for.

But my favorite make and takes were the jewelery ones. IMHO they were worth the hour plus wait. I made a very pretty pink bracelet and a blue-ish green butterfly necklace. There were other jewelry make and takes but it was impossible to see and make everything. Like I said the lines were long and the wait for them even longer. But all in all, I had a good time.

If you went to the Super show what did you think? Was it worth it to you? Would you go again if there is a next time?

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