Loving me some Stampendous

Every good designer/scrapbooker should have an assistant or cohort and I've been trying for several years to recruit/convert/convince/plead/bribe one or both of my dd's to be mine. And for several years I have been failing. Neither one of my two dd's are really interested in scrapbooking or card making or altered art or sewing or bead making, etc... Now that's not to say that they won't occasionally hit my stash and play with my "toys", borrow a few paints, need some beads or swipe a few stickers. Trust me they both will do that. It's just that they have not been bitten my the crafty bug. Their eyes don't glaze over when they see a cute stamp, some pretty paper or fun fabric. I know! How can they be my girls?

Seriously it's not from lack of exposure to all things crafty. When my youngest dd was 4, one of the other kid's parents in the pre-school class thought the teacher cut out my dd's project for her because she was that good with scissors. Yes I started them crafting the second they could sit-up. And do you know what? That same dd told her Kindergarten teacher that she HATED to color. And the teacher asked me do you know that your dd doesn't like to color? Ummmm, no. I actually told the teacher taht couldn't be true as my house was overflowing with craft supplies. But when I thought about it, I realized, she was right. My dd didn't color and I didn't really notice because, well, I don't like to color either. So I was quite happy to do other crafty stuff with her.

So anyway what does all this have to do with Stampendous? Well my oldest dd loves to play with glitter, flock and embossing powder. You know all the $ powdery stuff that you use to make cards, etc. I had dragged dd to a make and take demo day one day last year and to her surprise she actually had fun playing with all the stuff. Enough so, that she actually came home and asked to played with some of my stuff afterwards. And I let her. DD and her best friend and my other dd and her best friend literally covered my entire kitchen in embossing powder and UTEE making paper beads and other fun stuff. I think they just liked playing with the heat gun. But they were careful and everyone had a great time.

So when I mentioned, like I always do, an upcoming class that I was thinking about, and then mentioned embossing powder in the same sentence, dd's ears perked up. And I jumped at the opportunity to invite her to come with me. So dd and I attended a class taught by Fran Seiford the owner of Stampendous. And while I'm not really a card maker, I'm card challenged actually. The samples that Fran brought and showed us how to make were amazing. And my dd loved playing with all the flock and glitter. And she loved the new mirror stickers and the rich velvet stickers and the glittery embossing powder, etc. And so I'm loving Stampendous right now. They make flock and glitter, and flock and glitter makes my dd happy. Yes, I'm still hoping that she might get bitten by the bug one of these days. I'm not seriously counting on it, but I can hope can't I? Now if Stampendous would just switch from monkey themed stamps to frog themed stamps I know that would impress my dd. And then my chances would most definitely improve - at least a wee bit. ;) Although I don't know if you could flock a frog, they aren't really fuzzy... hummmm... Cats can be fuzzy, I wonder... Oh dd #2, would you like to see mommy's cool new stuff?


Laura said...

We're so glad your daughter enjoyed Fran's class! She really enjoyed teaching it. The glittery/melty/fuzzy powder thing is one of our favorties, too!! AND we HAVE frog stamps!!! We introduced an adorable new character this spring, Fergie the Frog. Be sure to ask at your local stamp store for him or purchase him on our website here: http://www.stampendous.com/products/203106/Fergie_the_Frog

Fergie is so sweet and leaps and jumps and even has a princess friend!

Again, thanks for your kind words!
Your Friends at Stampendous
(Laura Weed - Graphics Coordinator, Stampendous Rubber Stamps!)

Scrapbooks Etc said...


Hey we too are so glad that you had a wonderful time at the Stampendous Event here at Scrapbooks Etc in Bonita Springs, Fl!

I can definately assure you that we have TONS more fun and exciting plans here at SBE! In fact we have another owner of a "new" stamp company we met at CHA that will be at the store come November! So, please stay tuned to all your emails about that fun and exciting event.
Your daughter Sam was an absolute angel at the Stampendous Event and she is welcome back anytime!

We are looking forward to having you again at the Kelly Goree event next month! We are super excited to bring her to town in conjunction with Strawberry Fields in Cape Coral! We will be using the new Eerie collection by BG for our class and are super excited to get samples in the store so you guys can see these awesome products! Speaking of seeing, stop in and see ALL the samples of new and fun things we are expecting here from CHA!

Check us out on Facebook for our "group" it is under Scrapbooks Etc! I update it often with the fun happenings that are going on here at the store!

Thanks Again for stopping in, and joining us for Stampendous it definately was a BLAST!!!