It's 6:15am. Why am I awake?

Seriously, why am I awake? Not just a little bit awake either, but wide awake. I mean am not, NOT even a teenie tiny little bit a morning person. I am a night owl. I have ALWAYS been a night owl. Need a friend at 1 am. I'm your gal. Need someone to take you to the airport at 5 am. Call someone else. Seriously, you'd be better off walking than asking me to take you. I don't do mornings. Never, ever, if I can help it. Really! I mean, I can, if I really, really, REALLY, have to... But it's not pleasant, and it is most definitely a struggle.

I am your late night 1 o'clock in the morning kind of girl. Like last night. I spent the evening scrapping until around midnight only to come home and end up watching the end of a truly terrible movie. You'd think I'd turn it off and head to bed. No. No, of course not. Instead I stayed up and watched the end it. Granted, part of it was dh's fault. He is a morning person. He is usually out cold by 10pm. But last night? No! I walk in the door and to my surprise all the lights in the house are on! And he is awake! Watching TV! Gotta love it. He stayed up for me. He stayed up waiting for me to get home. He's such a sweetie! I love him! Of course it helped that said terrible movie starred a very scantily clad 1995 Alyssa Milano. But that's OK. It was me he was waiting for up. ;)

Anyway I have layouts to post. But they are going to have to wait, as dh couldn't get my new computer to talk to either one of my camera cards. And I'm not having nay luck myself. I don't get it. They talked just fine on Friday. And now today they refuse to even acknowledge each other. Jeepers, creepers! Who knew that computers and cameras could get in a tiff? I put the camera card in the drive and the computer pretends it's not there. Humphf! What's up with that? It's always something or another. Well, I guess I should get something done this morning since I'm up so early... even if it isn't getting my layouts uploaded.

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