Ice cream anyone?

I don't know about you, but summer vacation can't here fast enough. I know I'm crazy! Especially considering it will take all of maybe 48-72 hours before my kids are bored and the whining starts. I can hear it now. Mom, I'm bored! What can we do? But seriously, I'm worse than my kids in my impatience for summer vacation to get here. I love the do nothing, totally unstructured lazy days of summer. Spending all day in pj's. Yup! I'm so ready.

Could it have something to do with the fact that my laundry room is currently overflowing? Possibly. Although honestly I think summer brings even more laundry; sweaty smelly t-shirts, hundreds of pairs of shorts, bathing suits, beach towels, pool towels times, etc, etc. I mean seriously two of my kids had friends over this weekend and there are currently no less than 10 pool towels waiting for me. Summer vacation hasn't even started yet and I'm already swimming in pool towels. Ah, but I'm rambling.

What I really wanted to share was this coupon for Baskin Robbins. It's one of those buy one get on free deals. And well with summer just days away, it seems totally appropriate to splurge on a cold sweet ice creamy treat if for no other reason than for those five minutes my kids will think I'm the coolest mom ever - pun intended. Link to the coupon is here. Enjoy!

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