House of Night Series

Sorry no new scrappy stuff to share. Actually this is the first time I've been on my computer all day. I know! Can you believe that!? No e-mail checking, blog hopping, 2 peas surfing, no nothing. Shocking, I tell you! But Memorial Day Weekend weekend Borders had a 40% off coupon good on any book. And well you know I couldn't buy just one. No I had to buy this whole series. Reason: my youngest dd wanted to read them. (I had put them on hold at the library, but it was going to take forever and a day to get them.) So I bought one. Dd read it. Yes my 10 year old finished the book in less than a day. Then I read it. And that was it. I was sucked in (pun intended). Then it was back to the bookstore to buy them all. Yep, I bought all five of them; Marked, Betrayed, Charmed, Choosen & Hunted. I'm halfway through the series and dd is one book ahead of me. Only because I let her read it first. I'm a nice mom like that - sometimes. ;)

If you liked the Twilight series, you will probably like this series as well. My oldest dd finally gave in today and started reading the first one - because she saw her sister and I were both reading them cover to cover. She was skeptical. Guess what? A few pages in and she's hooked too. Love it! Anyway, Gotta go I have a book to finish.

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