Free Font Friday & The Font Thing

Yes I know that today is not Friday. It's Tuesday. However since this is still available, and since it appears to be an on going project, I'm sharing it anyway. Creating Keepsakes recently announced that they are introducing "Free Font Friday." From what I can tell, they are posting a new free font every week. I know, I know, big deal. There are already hundreds ( thousands?) of free fonts out there. But how many of them have been designed with the scrapbooker in mind? Anyway I thought it was worth a look see. And well I really like this weeks font. Maybe you will too. Go here to check it out. And if you are not sure how to download and install a new font directions are posted here.

And a bit of advice if you are a font junkie or even if you just dabble in them every now and then. You will find "The Font Thing" invaluable. It's a free software that helps you browse, organize and filter fonts. It also lets you install and uninstall multiple fonts at once. A good thing for a font lover since having tooooo many fonts installed on your computer slows it down. You can find out more info about The Font Thing here.

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