Her first cell phone

The BIG news this past weekend is my youngest got her first cell phone. Whooo Hooo! Yes I know a 10 year old with a cell phone. What's next? But well there wasn't much else she wanted for her birthday. And I knew she really really wanted a cell phone. And well I kind of wanted her to have one. I mean, three kids, all in different schools. It will give me peace of mind... I can get in touch with her if I need to... trying to justify it....still sounding frivolous... even to me... but...

She's in heaven. And well seeing her smile when she got it was PRICELESS - totally worth the $. Frivolous or not. She's happy. I'm happy. And it was surprisingly affordable. How so? Well for starters, instead of buying her a phone she inherited one of my old cell phones. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of some of the newer phones, but it still works just fine. And it has all the features that a 10 year old could need. She can text, take pictures, and talk to her friends. And that adds up to one very happy little girl who is growing up way to fast! Happy Birthday peanut! We love you!

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