Free Lip Gloss at Bath and Body Works

Done. I finished the last book in the House of Night series, Hunted, this afternoon. It was good. I thoroughly enjoyed it. But, I feel that there are still a few loose ends that need to be tied up. Therefore I am thinking that Hunted may not be the author's last book in this series. I am hoping she has another one planned or in the works. I am going to have to do some googling and see if I can find out.

In other news, this coupon is good through 5/31, so if you are reading this you only have tomorrow(Sunday) to redeem it. Basically you buy anything (even a $1 trial size item) and you can get any lip item up to $12 for free.

And well this coupon is priceless to me. Not for the free stuff but because it was the spark that started the ball rolling. Well, ok part of the spark. A pretzel coupon was also a major player in today. You see I took my oldest dd out for a little quality mom and daughter time. To get her a pretzel (her favorite) and a free lip gloss or something. Well it led to what my dd has declared "the best day ever". How exactly this happened I not really sure and I was there for all of it!

Like I said I am in shock. Happy shock - but shock nonetheless. Shopping is usually not my dd's thing. She just came along like I said to get a pretzel. But I guess she enjoyed herself even if I did drag her all around the mall. So 2 pretzels, 3 pairs of earrings(buy 2 get 1 free at Claire's), one bathing suit (Aeropostale has a $10 sale going on and she desperately needed a new one) and 2 free lip glosses later, I have a tired, but happy, dd and all is right in the world. :) Now if I could just figure out what I did today to make it be the best day ever.

ps. To use the coupon: click on it. The coupon will open in a new window and you can print it from there.

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