Modge Podge Mania

So I found this blog from a link on an old friends blog. I scrolled through several posts when these coasters caught my eye. They are made using napkins and Modge Podge. But I bet scrapbook paper would work too. Well maybe not the really good stuff, but definitely some of the thinner papers. If you want to give it a try directions can be found here.

I really like these black and white ones, they look so elegant. Unfortunately, we are not really a coaster family. What? Yes, I'm one of those mean moms that doesn't allow anyone to eat or drink anywhere but in the kitchen. Been there, done that, and it just isn't happening. I mean seriously you should see what I find under my couch cushions even though I ban eating in the family room. I can't begin to imagine what I would find if I actually permitted eating and drinking there.

But back to my original thought, I think these would make great personalized gifts. I can easily see a special one being made for dad for Father's Day. Or a set of coasters being made for Grandma's birthday. Or just letting the kids have at it with napkins that match your decor. It could be a win/win situation. You get cool new coasters that match your home and the kids might actually use them since they made them.

Another cool project that I found was this one using plastic Easter Eggs. Yes (eye roll) I know Easter was last month. But maybe, just maybe if you are like me, you have a large plastic storage bin sitting in your garage full of plastic Easter Eggs. And maybe, just maybe, every time you pull the car in you see it and say to yourself I really should throw those things out. But then you never do. Well now I have the perfect project to use up all of what maybe 7 or 8 of those hundreds of plastic eggs I have sitting in my garage. See honey, I just knew if I saved them long enough I'd find something to do with them. :)

I mean seriously, look at this finished project. You would never know that this hurricane jar holds what used to be bright blue, yellow and green plastic Easter Eggs. You can find directions for this project here. You may have to scroll down a wee bit.

Oh by the way an Easter Egg hunt in the middle of July or August when the kids are really getting on your nerves is a sure fire way to cure the what can we do blues. And if you want to do it on the cheap, have them stuff the eggs with water balloons for a neighborhood water balloon fight afterwards. That way everyone is vested in finding as many of the eggs as possible. ;)

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