A whole lot of busy...

Dang it's been forever since I posted on here. If I had any readers I've probably lost each and everyone of you. Oh well. Life sometimes gives you busy. And well when that happens you grab the bull by the horns and just go with it. And so I have. So tell me, what's new with you?

Me, I just spend the last three days totally enjoying myself at one of the best crops ever. KNK & Scrapbook Etc hosted a 50's style, Sock Hop Crop this weekend. The decorations were unbelievable! The food warm and comforting... grilled cheese w/tomato soup, rootbeer floats, ice cream sundaes - love that pb ripple ice cream, chicken salad to die for! I need that recipe. Grilled hamburgers & hotdogs w/ all the fixings. I don't know which I liked better the mushrooms & onions or the sweet potato fries. Yummy, oh so yummy! And speaking of food it was all served from tables decorated as the back end of a 57 Chevy! So very cool!

Some other decorations included an Elvis sighting in the ladies room. Seriously!!! A gigantic soda pop float filled with balloons. (that held prize tickets) It was huge and filled the back of the crop room and it teased us all 3 days as we waited patiently for our number to be called to see what we won. When your number was called (and mine was) you got to pop one of the pink, black or silver (but not white) balloons to see what you won. Me? I won a very cool fiskars border punch. Thanks to an awesome balloon popper who came to our aid - right Robert? It was so fun to watch him wind-up the then stab those poor balloons. I think I jumped every time he popped one even though I knew he was doing it.

We had some of the cutest make and takes. My 2 dds both want the necklace charm I made w/ the glossy accents. No surprise there. My oldest has already claimed my mini post it notebook. Sam has her eye on my Easter box, but I think if I just give up the candy that's in it she'll let me keep the box. And speaking of candy, my kiddos are fighting for first dibbs on the candy goodie bag. Dh swiped my licorice, we all smoked the candy cigs. And that moon pie is going to have to be shared for breakfast tomorrow if it makes it until morning.

And well just in case you weren't sure I had a blast! Thanks so much to Janet and Coleen and Gerri-Ann for putting on such a fun shin-dig. And to my tablemate Kelsey. She was the best. I never met her before, but she was warm and friendly and even shared her ink pads with me. Thank you so much!

I learned all about the "egg game" from Linda and Miami Dawn. Jules explained a game called left, right, center. I need to look for that one. I met Jill who flew in just for the crop. And also got to know Roz, Kip, Jane, and Suzie better. I also met Ginni, Cathy, Denita and some of the other project 365ers for the first time. And if I didn't mention your name it's just because it's late and I'm tired.

I'd share some pics, but I was having so much fun I never got around to taking any. Ooops! That's okay, I'm pretty sure someone will share theirs with me. I hope!

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