Pics from the Sock Hop

OK because google tends to do what it wants when it comes to pictures I have no idea what order these are going to upload in. But if you look close you can see me in the background in a few. I;m in the background of the pic with Jules posing. And the top of my head is barely visible in the jukebox pic as well. The costume contest was won by Tanya, the pink lady. Jane, in the leather jacket took second place. My table mate Kelcey is to Jane's right. She was oh so nice! And third place was won by the group of ladies who made matching poodle skirts. The five ladies to the left of Tanya. Sadly I don't remember their names. And that beautiful lady dressed as Lucille Ball is Barb. Anyway, It was a blast! Possibly more pics in the next few days as more folks share them with me. Later, kids to tuck in.

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