Sniffles and more sniffles

So I spent last week sick, courtesy of my son who shared his sore throat with me. The kind of sore throat where you are watching the clock to see when you can take more Motrin because it hurts to much to swallow let alone speak. It was nasty and I felt like crud but it passed.

So onto this week. DD tells me that her throat hurts and asks me if I have anything for it. I figure uh oh I got her sick. Nay! She got her own version of the cold. Started with a sore throat, yesterday she added a cough and now today she has the sniffles. But guess what? By noon today so do I. I'm not sure which is worse, last week's sore throat or this week's snuffly nose that will not stop dripping. Either way I am tired of being sick. If you are sick, please do not breathe on me, cough on me, sneak a sip of my soda or steal a bite of my ice cream. I'm tired of being sick and this red nose has me looking like Rudolph. Ugh!

My Double Dee's layout is due tomorrow. I worked on it last night and finished it and the journaling this morning. I was going to drop it off at Dee's today, but I just ran out of time. Let me tell you... I love the layout! It all just came together for me on this one. You'll have to stop by Dee's to check it out.

Now the journaling on it is just eh. I'm not really happy with it. I wanted it to be so much more. But well, I just didn't leave enough room for the whole "story". So I had to condense it down. And even after re-writing it several times the feeling and umph just isn't there. It got lost in being shortened. I think I'm just going to write the "whole" story on the back of the layout. Our climb up the mountain to "Eze" is just one of those moments that I will never ever forget. It was long. It was hot. It was steep. It was hard. I thought I was in decent physical shape. - NOT! The views though, were amazing! We had to stop more times than I can count to rest. You really can't tell from the pics but we basically climbed straight up the mountain.

Later I need more tissues....

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