Update on my mom

Thank you everyone for your concern about my mom. I got off the phone with my dad this afternoon and while my mom is not out of the woods yet, she is doing better. She is awake and talking - not sure how coherent she really is. But enough to complain she's thirsty and tired. They have her diabetes under control and I guess her heart. Not really sure how much more damage occurred due the heart attack/stroke, but according to my dad her biggest problem right now is she has pneumonia and a lack of oxygen. She is breathing something like 35-40X a minute (the norm is 20ish) and very irregularly - pneumonia related I'm guessing. They are supposed to move her out of ICU tonight. So while she's not peachy, she is improving and my dad is thrilled. I think he thought he was going to loose her this time. So thank you again for all your kind thoughts and prayers.

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