I just saved $101.26

Does anyone out there watch wife swap? I do every once in a while. I TIVO it and when there is nothing good on it acts as a fill in show that dh and I can watch with the kids. It's one of those you never know what you are going to get kind of shows. But the kids get a kick out of seeing how other people live (usually to some kind of extreme) and it makes for good family discussions.

So anyway, a few weeks ago there was this Wife Swap episode where the parents were HUGE coupon clippers. They took it to the extreme often buying stuff that they didn't need or use to save $. In the show, the mom buys something like $80-100 worth of groceries for something like $10. Impressive? Well yes and no. Yes she saved a lot of $, but she bought stuff that they didn't need and would never use all in the same of saving $. Her basement held a stock pile of more shampoo and deodorant than one could ever use.

Where am I going with this? Well it's no surprise, if you know me at all, that I am a coupon clipping, bargain hunter. And throughout the show my kids and dh made numerous references to, " she's just like you mom." I of course protested, I am not that bad. But it is true that I love finding a bargain and that I see no shame in using coupons. For me it is all about the thrill of the hunt. Getting a really good deal is just icing on the cake. What can I say? My parents were frugal and this apple didn't fall far from the tree.

Back to my story, tonight I was in Publix. Yes during the Superbowl. Hey my $5 off a $50 purchase coupon expires tomorrow. I couldn't waste it and I couldn't care less about football. And besides Publix has a bunch of good stuff buy one get one free (BOGO). Stuff we regularly eat like peanuts, chips, granola bars, pizza, soda, crackers, bread etc. So my plan was to quickly grab the sale stuff and whatever other odds and ends we were out of like apples, cheese, olives, milk, oj, etc and be done.

But as I wandered through the isles I kept finding coupons to add to my to my pile. You know the ones in the little automatic dispensers. But the best part, they were for stuff that I was going to buy anyway. For instance, $1 off Wheat Thins, $1 off Planters Nuts, .75 off cheese etc. I get to the register and I ended up saving $11 in store coupons. Another $8-9 in vendor coupons and with all the BOGO sales I spent just over $109, but here's the kicker.... I saved a grand total of $101.26 with coupons and sale items combined. That is totally amazing to me. Granted I didn't buy any meat but I did buy lots of other stuff, fruit, veggies, dog food, milk etc. Wow! I can't imagine what I could save if I "really" tried to like that lady in wife swap. Then again her and her kids didn't have much of a life. I'll stick to the BOGO sales. And if you haven't already, check out the sales this week at Publix. Lots of good stuff is BOGO. :)

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