Capture the Magic

Ok a friend sent this link to a yahoo group that I belong to and well I just had to check it out. I sooooo wish I had found this site 2 years ago. It might have made a difference. It might have caused my kids to believe a little while longer. Who knows? Maybe, maybe not. Anyway this is the first year that my kids "officially" don't believe. Yes this year we officially gave up the hoax. They were onto us, actually they had been on to us for the last 2-3 years, but because of my youngest I was trying to stall and hold out. I was still trying to come up with reasons and explanations, but they were sounding cheesy even to my ears. And well the middle one she is determined, she knew and she wasn't taking any of it. She was relentless. She wanted us to admit what she already knew. We danced around the subject, but we finally gave in. Yes Veronica, there is a Santa Claus. Anyway if your kids are looking for proof that there is a Santa Claus check out this site. You upload a picture of your Christmas tree, living room, kitchen, etc and then you can pick from a bunch of different Santas and for a small fee($10) they add him to your photo and you can print off proof for your kids that Santa not only exists, but that he was actually in your home. Check it out here. It's really cool and so realistic!

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