Project 365

I'm currently contemplating doing this. It's the new project kit on Becky Higgen's website. She explains it all on her blog here. Basically you take one - just one - picture every single day for the whole year. Hence the name project 365. I'm thinking I might rename mine to "A Year in Our Life". You then have the option of journaling about each picture or week's worth of pictures or just adding in cute little decorative items. You can find out more about the kit, etc, etc here.

I'm not sure whether or not I want to buy the kit. I mean I have enough paper and scrap supplies to choke a horse, well OK, an entire herd of horses (wink). But still. I think it would be kind of fun to be able to flip through an album and see a whole year of our life. The big things and the little things. I'm just worried that by the end of the year I'll end up taking a bunch of pictures of silly stuff like coffee cups and cat butts. Well okay - only my kids take pics of cats butts. But you get get my drift.

Anyway I started taking pics today, well just to see how long I can keep at it. If I make it through the whole month - then maybe - just maybe, I'll buy the kit. And well to help myself remember to do it and because I like encouragement, I joined this yahoo group. It's open to anyone and I've cropped with a few of the girls ...once, maybe twice .... I don't really know them, but hey they seem really nice and I'm all up for making some new scrapping buddies. So if you are so inclined, please join us as we take this journey together. The more the merrier! Link is here for the yahoo group.

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