Sad. Really, really, sad.

This is what has been the talk of the town the last few days. A family returned home from vacation to find their house not just broken into, but totally and completely trashed I can't even begin to imagine the hurt and pain this poor family is feeling. Can you imagine? Coming home to find this done to your house.

Follow-up story is here.

What saddens me and scares the (beep) out of me is that some of these kids go to school with my ds. He even knows a few of them. I could understand one or two kids running a muck, but that many?! What caused so many kids to do this? To participate in something this vile? How is it that none of them said something to someone to stop it? Why didn't one of them tell someone? What causes decent kids to do stuff like this? I can sort of understand the breaking and entering and stealing stuff. They wanted money for drugs, etc. But what caused them to totally trash the house? Why destroy someones home? That is just wrong. So very wrong!

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