Magic the Gathering

Oh no! It's happening again! Only this time instead of it being Yu-Gi-Oh Cards it's now Magic the Gathering Cards. My home has currently been taken over; invaded actually by cards such as these. I admit they sure do look and sound really cool. But still I remember last time. I was forever finding the cards everywhere. They invaded every room, corner and crevice and while the yugioh cards do still exist in my home, they are for the most part confined to my dds' & ds's closets. Carefully sorted filed in binders by card #, etc. It's a collection after all. One that the kids do still sometimes bring out and play. And one that I still have a soft spot in my heart for. It taught them about so many things. Reading, strategy, math, planning, saving $, team work, trading etc. How could I not love it?

But now these new cards are spread all over my kitchen, living room and family room. My dh, being the wonderful generous to a fault guy that he is, went out and bought the kids a few starter packs when ds inquired about the game. Then the same day managed to find someone cleaning out their entire magic card collection and bought it for the kids. What a great guy! Seriously, how many dads would go buy over 200 cards off of Craig's list just to start the kids' collection off? I don't know whether to hug him and thank him for being so generous or to strangle him. (wink)

But I admit it the cards are really cool looking! I can easily see how someone could get wrapped up in this game. The art work and detail on the cards is amazingly cool! And I admit it. I have heard about the game before and I even briefly looked at it (while we were in our yugioh card stage), but it sounded like a more complicated version of yugioh. I was right. It is more complicated. And it has been around even longer. And there are even more cards, more editions, more rare and hard to find cards.... And it apparently has a "cult" following. And we apparently have just joined that following.... Oh well. I did say I wanted the kids to play less video games. And you know what? For the past 24 hours they haven't played a single xbox, ds or computer game. Instead they have been on-line researching and learning about "our" new family game. Be careful what you wish for, it just might happen. :-)
p.s. Anyone local want to take us newbies under their wing? We are fast learners.

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