Ribbon Cutting

Yesterday was the ribbon cutting at the gym. The Chamber Of commerce was coming at 11am to officially cut the ribbon symbolizing the opening of the gym. (Yes we have been open for a few weeks already.) But I guess it takes a while to actually get something like this scheduled. Dh said they take pictures and it usually end up in the paper. If I see the article I'll post a pic or a link to it.

In other news life is starting to get back to normal. The rest of the family flies out today. It's sort of bitter sweet. It's nice to have the quiet, but at the same time we were just getting used to having everyone around. It's a shame that we all don't live closer. The kids would certainly love it.
Not much else going on today. Other than I desperately need a nap. I stayed up way to late last night. I cropped out at Dee's until around 11pm. Then I did a silly thing I came home and watched not one, but 2! Yes 2 movies after I got home around 11:30pm. Crazy I know, but I just wasn't tired. I wasn't planning on it. It just sort of happened. I sat down to unwind and the next thing I knew it was almost 4am. Who would have thought that two little diet cokes would keep me up half the night. The one movie was certainly worth it. The Freedom Writers, it was based on a real teacher and how she changed the life of her inner city kids. The other movie nothing to write home about. Oh Well, what's done it done. It was fun at the time. :-)

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