Family in Town

All last week and for the rest of this week we've had family in town. It's been fun catching up with everyone, but it sure wears one out. We haven't done anything too crazy just the usual Florida stuff, beach, pool, water park, out to dinner, etc. But it sure does leave one feeling tired. I swear the kids just drain the energy right out of you. They never ever seem to get tired and are always ready and raring to go.

We had an early dinner last night at Bice Grand Cafe. Love their happy hour all the appetizers are 1/2 price. And their menu is pretty diverse so all the kids found something on it that made them happy. The girls has wings and ds had mussels & garlic bread. He then proceeded to finish the wings the girls didn't eat, along with the rest of my nachos, some of his dad's calamari, and pop's beef rolls. Basically anything he could get his hands on. I guess he's going through another growth spurt. I would have burst if I ate half of what he did.

My house is currently over run with kids. My ds has 3 of his friends. One of my dd has a friend here and then their cousin is here as well. And you want to know the strange thing the house is quiet, well not pin drop quiet, but still considering the number of kids here it's quiet. I love it when everyone gets along.

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