Waiting, it's hard to do...

I read on the msg brd that the August CK is out. Some lucky people got theirs already. But alas I am not one of them. I am still waiting for mine. So today I see the mail lady come and rush out to see if my August CK is there. No not here yet. Bummer!

You see I am waiting to see a little tip/trick that I e-mailed to CK appear in their August issue. I have never been published. Actually I haven't "really" tried to get published. And I wasn't trying when I e-mailed "my" tip/trick in. I just figured it was cool and CK would have a pubbed designer replicate my trick and that would be that. I never really gave it another thought.

Seriously! The e-mail I sent them was chock full of typos and bad grammar. I even recycled the e-mail I sent them. I had sent the original e-mail to friends who had asked for the directions. So they were typed up in a quick and dirty fashion. I sent CK typos, bad grammar and spelling errors. Friends don't mind that kind of stuff. But CK! OMG! I'm so ashamed! They have proof readers and editors who check for that stuff. So anyway I get a quick 1-2 line e-mail back from them saying something like thanks I'll pass your idea on and never give it another thought.

Fast foward a bit and one day I get a phone call, from CK. OMG! Is your little tip still available? Huh? I'm in the middle of packing to leave for Hawaii. Totally stressing about flying and what to bring. Completely not thinking about scrapbooking other than is the camera packed and do I have the battery charger? Humm... yes, I guess so. Can you mail it to us so that we have it by xyz date? Hummmm.... You need it by when? I'm thinking I leaving for Hawaii tomorrow. How do I get this done? Ok I'll see what I can do.

My brain is processing... Oh no it was a little itty bitty thing that I gave away. SHOCK! To one of the kids teachers was it? maybe? or did it go to one of my daughter's friends? Not really sure. I wasn't expecting this. Ok I can probably re-create it. I usually buy more than one pp at a time. Start digging through my stash. Please, please let there be more of this paper in there! There is!!! Doing the happy dance!!! My Husband looks at me like I'm crazy. Uummm aren't you supposed to be packing? We leave tomorrrow. Ummm, yes. I should be, but this is more important. (wink) This is a dream that I never expected to have realized... to be pubbed in CK, my favorite mag, the scrapbooker's holy grail of magazines. Sorry honey Hawaii will have to wait while I work on this.

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