Mario Super Smash Brothers

Sometimes I love slickdeals.net and sometimes I hate them. Today is one of them days that I am loving them. A few days ago the home page had this really good deal for a WII game that the kids had on their wish list. You know one of those $60 ones... aka Mario Super Smash Brothers. So guess what I caved and bought it for them. Yah, I know sucker, mom.

But I reasoned it out this way. It was and "E" rated game so every one could play it. It was multiplayer so all the kids could play it at the same time. It received rave reviews from numerous game rating sites. So I bought it. I mean after all a $25 game is cheaper than me taking all three kids to the movies even w/o snacks. (And it would last longer than 1 hour and 45 minutes.) And who can go to the movies and not buy popcorn - certainly not I! My kids and I can work our way through a large popcorn in no time flat. So I bought it.

Guess what? I woke up today to a deary raining yuck kind of day. I did a quick check of the calendar and then pulled up my e-mail. Yup! Amazon confirmed that said game should be arriving today. Keeping my fingers crossed it does. I hear the mail lady come. I send one of the kids to get the mail and sure enough, the game is here! Awesome! And my kids have been happily playing it all day long. Best part is they are getting along and helping each other. Gotta love it when things just work out. (wink)

Now I just have to find a deal on another controller so I can play too.....

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Jules said...

Wish I could get away for Dee's event! And congrats on winning the free class. I do miss Scrapbook Answers mag!