Stalking the Target $1 Spot

Yes I know that sounds pretty pathetic. But it's totally true. You see I read on the msg brds that the Target $1 was getting in "thickers". Not the real ones mind you but $1 spot knock offs and well I wanted some. The problem with the $1 spot is that you just never know when your Target is going to put the stuff out. Some Targets put it out sooner than others and then there's always the problem that some other scrapper beat you there and cleaned them out. Stop shaking your head. I know you are! You are also probably thinking get a life. No one stalks the $1 spot. Well you are wrong. Us scrapbooking fools sometimes do.

But guess what? Today I hit pay dirt! I was going to stop Target on my way back from the airport, but didn't as the kids were home. But later today when I went to pick the dogs up from the groomers I ran into Target really quick. Just to look and see and Guess What? They not only had the "thickers" they also had some really neat chipboard alphas for $1. So I grabbed a few packs of each and left to pick up my pups doing the happy dance.

BTW, I have had this song stuck in my head all day. Don't worry, Be Happy! Maybe that's why I found my treasures in the $1 spot. Good Karma. How can you have bad karma when you've spent the day humming & singing Don't worry, be happy!

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