Barcelona, Spain

Wouldn't you like to go? That's where my dh is headed this morning. It sure sounds like fun to me, but I know it's really not going to be so much fun and games as it is going to be work stuff. It's a business trip. Yep business trip. They are previewing the destination for this years "Winners Circle". So, I just dropped him off at the airport. Soon he'll be on his was to Barcelona. He claimed he didn't want to go. Sure honey (wink) but had to - work related, you know. But I know what he means. Sure we drive each other crazy and stuff, and yes he'll have a good time, but I'll really miss him while he's gone. And seriously how fun is traveling to Spain by yourself with just a bunch of people from work? Not bad, but not as much fun as it would be with family.
And he's my family, just like I'm his. He's my rock. He keeps me grounded and always make me laugh even when I get stressed out about nonsense. He just balances me out. And I miss him like crazy when he's gone. Luckily it's just a short trip. He won't arrive in Spain until Friday. Then it's a Friday dinner meeting thing. Followed by all day meetings Saturday and Sunday. And then home sometime Monday night. I can't wait! Until then the kids and I miss you bunches honey! Stay safe and call me when you get there. Okay e-mail me instead. (wink) See I do listen.

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