Newb, Earth1, Mars3, Jiv, Deth, LWB

If you are thinking what is she talking about, it's because you don't have a teenage boy who is seriously into Battledawn. My ds just loves this game and it's currently all I hear about. A year or two ago it used to be all about RuinScape. But not any more. Now it's all about Battledawn and who is being attacked, who concurred who and which alliance is the one to beat... "So and so back stabbed so and so, so now they have been concurred and are being farmed."

Spies, nuks, jamming, metal, iron, tanks, crystals, relics etc are all part of conversations about worlds called things like Earth 1 and Mars 3. And it's critical to know when they are being re-set. You need to be one of the first people on the new world so that you can get a jump start on the other players, build bigger ands better stuff faster. It's crazy, it's complicated and it all happens in things called tics.

Tics are usually hours, but sometimes they are 1/2 hours and other times they are longer. It all depends on which world you are playing on. JIV and DETH are just 2 of the many alliances I hear about. And being invited to join a "good" alliance is ubber important and a status symbol worth bragging about. Having multiple alliances want you is just the cat's pajamas. As only top ranked players get one of the coveted 12 spots in each of the "big" alliances.

You start the game out as a newb and have to learn as you go. As you get better the "good" players start to notice you and if you are lucky they might, they just might, invite you to join their alliance. But it isn't easy and it takes a lot, but it sure feels good when multiple alliances want you. It means you have arrived. And my son you have apparently arrived. Now if you could just get enough crystals and relics maybe your alliance will win in one of these multiple worlds you play on.

Check it out here http://www.battledawn.com/

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