It's amazing how what starts out as a good idea quickly turns into a bad one. Under protest I took the kids grocery shopping with me. I know why, on Earth would anyone take the kids to the store if they didn't have to? I don't know. They weren't doing anything critical and it seemed like a good idea at the time. Get everyone out of the house. Have them use some math skills to add up the groceries, etc. Wrong. I should know better. Everyone was miserable, myself included.

So anyway we head home, eat dinner and I get to thinking... I have 4 free movie tickets, and since today is Tuesday (aka free popcorn day with a Regal card) it might be a fun inexpensive way to spend the night. Ummmm wrong. It's almost impossible to get 3 kids and 1 parent to all agree on a movie. And movies that ds wants to see really don't appeal to the girls and vice versa.

So we spend a good 30 minutes checking out movie trailers on-line. Should we see Ironman, Kung Fu Panda, Hancock, Hulk, Get Smart, etc etc...? Everyone has a different opinion and then they have no opinion. I get I don't care, but you know that they really do. So long story short. We saw WALL-E. It was good. It was funny. I liked it, even though it was a "G" "kids" movie. And I think everyone enjoyed themselves, even if it wasn't their first choice. Ok it was some people's first choice, but not others. Why are simple things never simple?

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