Internet was down....

Yep I'm a total and complete internet junkie. Kids had dentist appts on friday and when we got home yup... you guessed it no internet. It was a wake up call to how much we (ok I) rely on the internet. To check e-mail, blogs, msg brds, sales, just to keep in touch with people, and find out what is going on in the world. Yes I know I could use the phone (heaven forbid - I hate using the phone) or turn on the tv (nope the only time my tv is on is when dh or one of the kids turns it on) but give me that cool glow of a computer screen and I'm there baby. Right at home. Addicted, seriously addicted. I mean I if want to order pizza from Costco and I'm not sure what time they are open to I look it up on-line. I had to take a chance yesterday and hope that they'd be open when I got there.

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