Just not happening tonight

Okay well I have tried for a good 30 minutes to upload pictures to this blog and it just is not happening. I'm not really sure what the problem is. But each and every picture I try to upload blogger gives me an internal error message on. They can't all have errors. And resizing, cropping, and just plain picking a different picture didn't work. So I am taking it as a hint and giving up. Maybe tomorrow I'll have better luck.

Anyway today's fun little tidbit is a crafty activity for the kids. We made several of these and they are truly addicting.

1 medium size balloon
1/2 cup of salt or flour or corn starch
1 funnel

#1 Pretty simple basically attach the balloon to the end of the funnel.
#2 Fill the balloon with substance of your choice.
#3 Make sure you use the entire 1/2 cup of filler. A pencil (eraser side) is good for pushing the filling down and allowing you to work it all into the balloon.
#4 Knot the end of the balloon and enjoy!

Note: Flour makes for a soft squishing ball. And salt makes for a harder firmer squishing ball. Both are fun. Flour was harder to get into the balloon, but the kids liked it better.

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