NSD - National Scrapbook Day

Ok ... so I meant to post this earlier but I was busy. You see the first Saturday in May is National Scrapbook Day and well life in the real world comes to stop on NSD. Scrapbookers everywhere pack up their stuff and either go to a crop or send their kids and hubbies elsewhere so that they can scrap at home. Luckily for me my dh understands that this one day of the year is the same to me as the as the Superbowl is to him. Love my man! He may not always get everything I do, but he gets this. And so it was that I packed my bags (as in way more than one) and headed off to one of my favorite LSS.

I was joined by several of my friends and we spend the day oohing and aweing over the latest and greatest in scrapbooking. We ate, laughed, drank and just generally had a good old time while we played with paper to our hearts content. I wish I could proclaim that I got lots done at the all day crop, but alas I did not. Too much shopping, eating and chatting going on. But that's okay. It was fun catching up with everyone and my creative soul has been renewed. I could just feel the mojo flowing in my fingers. So the few projects I did get done I totally love. If the daylight holds out for a bit I'll take some pictures and post them.

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