B-day cake for breakfast

Is there anything better than b-day cake for breakfast? I don't think so. So as I sit here and type this I'm eating choc cake w/ butter cream icing. Yummy! So very yummy! And so not good for you. But I'll make it up with a healthy lunch.

You see yesterday was dh's b-day. Not the big 40. That's already come and gone for him. (It has for me too.) So for the next 4 days dh and I are the exact same age. And whammo! It's my b-day. And I am once again the old lady (well not really). But I am 1 year old than my dh. Tons of stuff on my to-do list today ....
find a dress for tonight's wedding
pack up for NSD crop - oh yay baby!
need to make signs for sunday's taste of the town
get my nails done - ok do them myself

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