Happy Birthday to Me!

Yep! Yesterday was my birthday! I was double - double digits. I've always liked numbers. So I really like this b-day number. I'm even good at math. Shock I know! Not as good as my dh. He's just awesome at math. Truly amazing to watch him in action. But I digress...

Anyway like I was saying I like numbers . So I was really liking that fact that for a whole year I get to be double - double digits. Meaning a 2 digit number that is the same as in 11, 22, 33, 44, etc. I wish I could say that I was 33 but I'm not. But I'm quite happy with 44.

I didn't used to notice number patterns and sequences. But I do know. That is largely in part to the fact that my one dd is always calling them out. It doesn't matter where we are or what we are doing she just always seems to notice them. And she'll just call them out 123, 2:22, 4:44, 11;11, etc. It's really quite amazing how she does this. It's gotten to the point of it's now a race between the kids to see who can be the first to notice a number pattern and call it out. There aren't any set rules on this one. Just notice and say it out loud. And be the first one to do it.

So back to my b-day. Dh brought home some seriously yummy PF Changs Chinese food for dinner. I know doesn't sound all that fun or romantic, but it really was what I wanted for dinner and the b-day person gets to choose. And Chinese is the one take out food that makes everyone happy. And that's important.

No lavish gifts this year. Well I guess it depends on what you consider lavish. We didn't buy gifts per se for each other, instead we did spend quite a pretty penny and then some on some serious landscaping for our house. It was in dire need of it. And I have to say it's looks totally amazing. Not quite 100 % done yet. Still a little tweaking to go on. But I'm loving it!!

One of these days I'll take the time to add some pictures to this blog. I hate blogs w/o pics, but I'm just so bad at pulling the pics from the camera and then uploading them. But trust me it's got to happen soon as I have both cards for my rebel full and even the little compact digital has a full card. Ouy Ve!

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