Guess who shares by b-day????

Awww! Come on guess! Really, you'll never in a million years guess. OK So I suppose you expect me to tell you. Well did you really try and guess? OK, If you did, I'll tell you. Stacy Julian. Yep. That Stacy Julian.... Stacy Julian as in Simple Scrapbooks & Big Picture Stacy Julian.

I know I shouldn't be surprised to find someone who shares my b-day. I mean there are only 365 days in the year. So you know that sooner or later you are going to find someone you know who shares your b-day. But I never in a million years thought I'd find someone who I know and can relate to who shares my b-day. And that she is a well known scrapper is just icing on the cake. OK bad b-day humor. But you get the idea.

Speaking of strange b-day occurrences. My dh's god son(my kid's cousin) has the exact same b-day as my dd. I've heard of family members having the same b-day but to have your brother-in have their 3rd and youngest child on the same day as your own third and youngest child b-day is really eerie.

Well I almost scrapped a page today. I signed up for a free class using my Cr after Workshop templates and when I went to get them out and use them I realized that they are gone. Poof! Gone just like that. So instead of scrapping today. I spent the day searching my entire house & car looking for them. I tore my entire scrap room upside down. And then moved on to the dining room and my car. But I can't find them. This is where getting old is bad. I remember thinking about taking them to the crop on sat for NSD. But I was running late, and kind of rushing to pile everything in my car. So I'm not 100% positive that I took them. But at the same time I'm pretty sure I remember setting the box they were in under my table at the crop. I don't think I left anything there, but I can't find them here. So did I leave them at the store? They aren't in my car or in either one of my totes. I pulled everything totally apart. I called the store and the girl there didn't see my box. She said to call tomorrow and talk to the owner. Tomorrow won't come quick enough let me tell you..... I am stressing like nobodies business over how I could have lost them. Oh me oh my... I'm not old enough to start losing and forgetting things.

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