Sick Kids

Nothing ever makes a mom feel worse than knowing that one of her babies is sick and that there really isn't anything that she can do to help them. Today PP1 awoke from her bed with that look to her her. You know that look that says I'm sick and don't feel very well. A quick hand to the forehead confirmed my suspicion that she was indeed sick. I knew that it was coming. She had started to cough sporadically yesterday. But didn't complain or anything. Humm, now the question was how sick was she. As she awoke a bit more I kept my eye on her.

Breakfast - what would you like? I'm not hungry. Hummm not good. How about a pop tart? no. oatmeal? no. Scrambled eggs? (Her all time favorite usually reserved only for weekends. no. So we settled on a few crackers and some cold medicine for her sore throat. I get it. Sore throat means.... I'm not hungry and even if I am it hurts to eat.

45 minutes later, medicine is working and she is looking better. Decision time. Send her to school or keep her home. I already know that she will miss a day next week due to the dentist (fillings). What to do? The car is loaded and she appears to be fine with going. Okay, everyone in the car.

Drop HP off and proceed to drop off PP1 and PP2. Get home and start second guessing myself. Look at the calendar. Tomorrow is the dreaded, in kid terms that is, FCAT. Humm, decide that maybe a day spent on the couch with some cartoons and a nap will leave her on a better state for such important kid work.

Head off to school and pick her up. She is surprised to see me. She looks okay. Not great, could be better. Well I've already signed her out so home we go. She spends the rest of the day not eating enough to feed a bird and resting on the couch. She does perk up a bit for dinner her favorite - chicken wings. Only to 5 minutes later run to the bathroom..... sick, sick, sick. You don't need the details. Yep, I was right. She really is one sick little girl. Always trsut your mommy instinct. It never steers you wrong.